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cene Four
    1616 PANEL

Sensibly for the sake of his wife’s health, Rolfe agrees to take Pocahontas out of London to the East of England’s fresh invigorating country air for a rest. Thus, in the lengthening days of early summer, they set out for the Rolfe’s family home, Heacham Hall in Norfolk. The pair’s baby son Thomas, is shown on the saddlebow of his father’s horse as they ride northwards along dusty, rutted roads on what will be a three day journey. En route they spend a night at a crowded inn in Newmarket, the bustling, jockeys’ paradise that is a favourite of King James too because it’s where he races his horses. Next morning, leaving the racecourse behind, they take the road to Ely, passing its glorious cathedral that soars up to the sky from its island in the midst of the marshy Fen country. Then on via Downham Market to King’s Lynn for another overnight inn stop before finally reaching their destination at Heacham.

Over the following weeks, when the sensation of having an Indian Princess in their midst wears off amongst the local villagers and Norfolk gentry, Pocahontas really begins to relax and enjoy rural English life away from the enormous pressures of being a celebrity in London. However Rolfe, as Secretary of Jamestown, still has his duties to perform for the London Virginia Company in putting forward the best possible gloss to the King, to investors and potential planters on the Colony’s chances of success. This entails producing a very lengthy detailed report addressed to the King in which he enumerates, for example, the number of cattle, horses and goats alive in Virginia at  Governor Gates’ departure.

Too soon for Pocahontas, the ideal summer comes to an end and with it the necessity for her and John to return to London society, be used for publicity again and meet important people. It is whilst staying in Boston House in Brentford that John Smith comes to see them but, sadly they quarrel. Pocahontas upbraids him for breaking his promises to her people made nine years ago after she had saved his life. This is their first encounter since the Captain left Jamestown after he had his accident and should be a cause of celebration. It isn’t. Their original friendship has not stood the test of time. Smith is sent off with a flea in his ear and they never meet again.



MERCURY  Mercurialis perennis.  Diascorides  reporteth, that the decoction hereof purgeth waterish humors’ Gerard.

FIGWORT   Scrophularia nodosa.   It cured ‘kernels by the ears and throat, called the King’s Evil’  Culpeper.



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