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cene Four
    1642 PANEL



Henry Lord Danvers 1573-1644 was the second son of Sir John Danvers of Dauntsey, Wiltshire. Soldier and statesman he accompanied Sir Philip Sydney to the Low Countries as his page. Was Sergeant-Major General of the Army in Ireland 1602. Created Baron Danvers of Dauntsey, Wiltshire in 1603. Lord President of Munster 1607-15, Governor of Guernsey 1621-44 and made Earl of Danby in 1641. Despite these honours, however, he had some claim to infamy as well as one special one to fame. To illustrate this disgrace he is shown holding two pistols, for on 4th October 1594 he, together with his brother and some of their servants, broke into a lunch party given by his long-time enemy Henry Long of Corsham in Wiltshire and shot him dead. He then fled the country, was never tried but pardoned in 1598.


Danvers would always carry the stigma of the murderer. However, he could always make one claim to respectability, that of being the originator of the first Botanic Garden in Britain.

In 1621 he bought out the tenancy of three acres of land opposite Magdalen College in Oxford for £250 from the tenant, Humphrey Ellis. Oart of it was called Paris Mead whilst the other was the old Jewish Cemetery (note the gravestones). Here Danvers created the Physic Garden to produce samples for the University’s Faculty of Medicine and provided an enormous £5000 endowment. He then commissioned Nicholas Stone to build surrounding walls and the Danby Arch where you see him watching work in progress.

The Butterfly is a male Swallowtail.


G. Vine Knife H. Saw I. Grafting Knife

J. Great Knife and Chisel Head



SPIDERWORT  Chamaeiris.  ‘The oyle profiteth much to strengthen the sinews and joints, helpeth the cramp proceeding of repletion, and the disease called in Greeke PERIPNEUEMONIA’. Gerard.

SCOTS ROSE   Rosa.  ‘The distilled water of roses is good for the strengthening of the heart, and refreshing of the spirits and likewise for all things that require a gentle cooling ’. Gerard.

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