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cene Three
         1606 PANEL




King James’ palace in London is in Whitehall and as the easiest way to travel in the capital is by water on the river  Thames many of the two Companies members petitioning the monarch arrive by boat to the court landing stage near the palace. So it is that on 10th April James is shown granting the Plymouth and the London Virginia Companies their Charters. These will spell absolute ruin to the way of life of the Native Americans for evermore and for some tribes extinction. Forcible conversion of the Indians to Anglicanism is planned, kidnapping and even murder officially sanctioned.

The Charters can be summed up as follows:


  1. The Companies members or ‘adventurers’ will furnish their own capital, the settlers and have charge of trade and profit.

  1. In England, a royal council, its members chosen by the crown will control ‘all matters that shall or may concern the government’ in Virginia. In theory the crown governs the colonies and holds all political power, in practise, the royal council is composed mainly of company leaders so in effect the Companies run their own enterprises in the name of the crown. The council members are: Sir William Wade, Sir Thomas Smith, Sir Walter Cope, Sir George Moor, Sir Francis Popham, Sir Ferdinando Gorges, Sir John Trevor, Sir Henry Montague, Sir William Rumney, Sir John Dodderidge, John Eldred, Thomas James and James Bagg (Bagg known as ‘bottomless bagg’ by his enemies owns Little Saltram House in Plymouth. The statue, shown here, is on the courtyard wall).

  2. In turn the royal council will choose and instruct a       subsidiary council for each Company in Virginia. Supreme   authority overseas will rest with these subsidiaries who will represent each Company in economic matters and represent the crown in political ones there and their regulations have the force of law.

tapestry photo 1606 scene three

BITTERSWEET (Woody Nightshade) Solanum dulcamara.  Excellent good to remove Witchcraft in men: is also all sudden Diseases whatsoever. Gerard


WOAD Isatis tinctoria.  According to Julius Caesar the ancient Britons painted their bodies with the blue dye made from the crushed leaves.

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