The New World Tapestry

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cene Four
         1607 PANEL



In England Sir Walter Cope, another financial backer of the Virginia company starts building  Holland House in London.

In Jamestown the steamy summer creates terrible conditions. Food runs low and the brackish drinking water becomes dangerous. On August 10th Brewster, who has described Virginia as having ‘Rokes (i.e. rocks) and mountaynes, that promyseth infynyt treasur’ dies of a wound given by savages.’ Following soon, on the 22nd Gosnold dies of a sickness, another great loss.

Dissatisfaction with President Wingfield also grows to such an extent that the Council meet secretly among themselves, draw up new articles in writing and take oaths to observe them. They vow (1) to depose Wingfield (2) to make Ratcliffe the next President (3) not to depose one another (4) not to take Wingfield into the Council again (5) not to take Archer or any other into the Council again without unanimous agreement. The plotters stage their coup on September 10th when Ratcliffe, Smith and Martin go to Wingfield’s tent with a warrant and declare that he is unworthy to be President or Councillor ‘and therefore discharged’. Wingfield records later ‘I was comyted to a sergeant and sent to the Pinnace (i.e. small boat) but I was answered with if they did me harm they must answer for it.’ However, his problems do not end there for soon afterwards he is sued by Smith and another of the party for slander and the case tried by the Council. He loses and is heavily fined.

In October and November the death toll among the planters continues to rise and their original numbers are more than halved down to 50. Luckily, Smith is emerging more and more as the Colony’s real dynamic leader on the Council and determined to avert starvation. In an attempt to find meat and supplies of corn for the starving colonists in December he goes inland, up the Chickahominy river. Later he leaves his barge and five men and journeys up the narrowing river with two others and two Indian guides in their canoe. Finally he explores on foot with one Indian guide. Meanwhile Indians out hunting catch one of the barge party, skin him, using mussel shells, then roast him alive. Next, with bows and arrows they kill his companions at the barge and later, the men guarding the canoe.


1607 scene four tapestry photo

PRIVET Ligustrum Vulgare. Gargle with the juice of the leaves against the ‘swellings, aposternations, and ulcers of the mouth and throat’. Gerard

RUE Ruta Graveolens. If it be ministred in clisters it expels windiness and the torsion or gnawing paines of the guts. Gerard

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