The New World Tapestry

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cene Four
    1588-90 PANEL

This scene set back at Fort Raleigh on Roanoke Island in 1589 is pure conjecture for nothing is known today as to what really happened to the individual colonists themselves when the relief fleet failed to materialise. Tom Mor has just presumed that the Indians, aware that no reinforcements had arrived for two winters were emboldened to take their opportunity of wiping out the impoverished and near starving settlers then completely removing any trace of their bodies.

Baby Virginia Dare is being spirited away together with her cradle. Two Indians have slaughtered a defender. Is their victim Anthony Cage, Christopher Cooper or maybe Thomas Stevens whose coats-of-arms are depicted here, all of whom are White’s assistants who had urged him in 1587 to go to England for more supplies?

tapestry photo 1588-90 scene four

PERIWINKLE  Vinca minor.  ‘The leaves boiled in wine and drunken, stop the laske and bloudie flux’. Gerard.

ALEXANDERS  Hipposelinum.  ‘The seeds bring downe the floures expell the secondine, breake and consume winde, provoke urine’. Gerard.

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