The New World Tapestry

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cene Five
    1605 PANEL


The man responsible for recording all the details of Weymouth’s voyage is James Rosier (arms shown here). He was also involved with Bartholomew Gosnold’’s voyage (1602 panel).

Top picture: Wardour Castle in Wiltshire (still in existence) is the home of Sir Thomas Arundell (as mentioned in scene one).

Top left: Captain Christopher Newport (scene one 1607 panel and coat-of-arms shown ) leads two of his crewmen towards the Palace of Whitehall bringing two crocodiles and a wild boar as gifts to King James from a voyage separate to that of Weymouth’s.

The house in Kings Lynn in Norfolk (still in existence) has been built this year 1605 by the town’s Mayor John Atkin.

Just above the main scene: the two Indian canoes that Weymouth has brought back with him cause great excitement and interest wherever they are shown. Sir John Popham (arms shown here) is also particularly impressed by Weymouth’s gift to him of Sassacomit and Amoret the two other Indians that have been brought back to England to train as future expedition guides. Here an English lesson in cookery is being given them.

Top right: Catholic Guy Fawkes from York smuggles gunpowder into the cellars under the Houses of Parliament in London in order to blow up the MP’s and restore the Papacy in England. Luckily however for King James the plot is discovered on 5 November and Fawkes arrested. His co-conspirators, learning of Fawkes’ capture flee for their lives from London and make their way under their leader Catesby’s command towards Wales before eventually deciding to make a stand and face their pursuers at Holbeach House on the borders of Staffordshire.

The desperate fugitives don’t have to wait long for their fates to be sealed. Soon the King’s men arrive, surround the house, set it alight, smoke out the defenders, kill Cateby and two others then take their prisoners back to the capital to face torture, trial and dreadful punishments as will be revealed in the next panel. 1606 scene one.

tapestry photo 1605 scene five

KNAPWEED   Centaurea scabiosa .  ‘is good for those who are bruised by any falle, blows or otherwise, by drinking a decoction of the herb roots in wine, and applying the same outwardlie to the place’. Nicholas Culpeper.

TARE  Vicia.  ‘The herbe is better knowne than desired….it is hard of digestion and kindeth the belly’.  Gerard.

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