The New World Tapestry

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cene One
    1613-14 PANEL

Captain Samuel Argall from Walthamstow in Essex now assumes a much greater role in the settlers’ relations with the suspicious Indian tribes who are naturally hostile to the English invaders whilst also being in frequent conflict with each other. His first appearance in Virginia’s history was four years ago, when, as the Captain of a small barque he was sent as a trader by a Mr Cornelius to fish for sturgeon off the coast of Jamestown. Argall’s next task on his return to England was to transport Lord De La Warre out to the colony in 1610.

Subsequently, he captained the other vessel that set out with Sir George Somer’s ship, bound for Bermuda from Jamestown in their abortive attempt to obtain supplies for the starving settlers.  (Scene 5, narrative 1609-10 panel). Now we find him back in Jamestown again, where he has set about repairing the ships and boats fast going to decay ‘for lacke of pitch and tar.’ At the same time he works on plans to subjugate the Indians and enforce a peaceful coexistence.

In the colony sporadic attacks continue to be made on the settlements, together with murders of individuals. Kidnapping is rife. Chief  Powhatan himself holds a number of English captive but any scheme to eliminate these problems has to be tempered with the vital need to trade with the friendlier Indians for corn and avoid starvation. Nevertheless, Argall first uses the mailed fist and burns down a hostile Indian village, as is shown here. However, next he employs the velvet glove approach when, on his first voyage of exploration up the Potomac in search of corn, he secures 1,100 bushels for the colony but only after giving three men and two boys as hostages to Ipazaws, the King of Pastancy. Is this a callous act of abandonment of one’s countrymen? No. It’s a calculated gamble, for friendly Indians whisper to him that Ipazaws’ niece Pocahontas is in the king’s encampment visiting her uncle. It’s Argall’s big chance. He strikes, cunningly bribing Ipazaws with the present of a copper kettle to allow Pocahontas to visit his ship. Once aboard the trap is sprung. The anchor raised. The ship sails to Jamestown. There, the now captive Princess is treated like an honoured guest, for she is the bargaining prize to ensure the release of all the English hostages held by her father Powatan.



SPURGE Daphne laureola. ‘The drie or green leaves of Spurge Laurel, saith Dioscorides, purgeth by siege flegmaticke humors’ Gerard

EYEBRIGHT  Euphrasia officinalis. ‘Three parts of the powder of Eye-bright, and one part of maccs mixed therewith, taketh away all hurts from the eyes.’ Gerard

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