The New World Tapestry

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    1613-14 PANEL

Rolfe, though an increasingly successful tobacco planter is now a lonely widower, his wife having died shortly after they came to Virginia, from Heacham in Norfolk. (Church shown in Scene one. The butterfly is the small Tortoiseshell – Aglais urticae).

Following her capture, Pocahontas is handed over into the care of Governor Dale’s household. Naturally, the kidnapping enrages Chief Powhatan and he threatens to wipe out the entire colony if his beloved daughter is not returned unharmed. However, he is taken aback when Pocahontas sends messages to him that not only is she safe and happy but she likes living among the colonists. ‘I will dwell with the English, who love me best.’ Powhatan bides his time to seek revenge but in the months that pass, Pocahontas’ life in the colony is transformed, when, now in the care of Alexander Whitaker a Calvanist minister, she becomes a Christian, (Note: from now on Pocahontas is always wearing a gold cross pendant). Better still for Anglo-Indian relations, she and widower Rolfe fall in love and, amazingly, go to seek Powhatan for his blessing.

They do not go alone. In March 1614, Dale, Rolfe and Pocahontas, with an escort of 150, board the Treasurer, still captained by Argall and sail from Point Comfort to Powhatan’s capital Wereowocomoco. There, from the ship they inform his braves that ‘we have come to deliver up the daughter of Powhatan and receive the promised return of men and arms.’ The reply? A shower of arrows. So, first firing some cannon shots, Dale’s men storm ashore and burn down some village  houses. It does the trick. A truce is called and two of Pocahontas’ brothers come aboard the Treasurer to see how the English are treating their sister.

Pocahontas’ appearance satisfies the brothers and she reiterates that not only is she staying with the colonists but she wants to marry one, albeit her father’s blessing. This is reported back by the brothers to Powhatan who, much to everyone’s amazement, gives his consent to the match and wants to make peace with the colonists. Thus on 5 April the couple are married by the Reverend Richard Bucke (originally from Wymondham in Norfolk – church shown) in the presence of the two brothers and Pocohontas’ uncle. Peace, for a while, reigns.



HOREHOUND Ballota nigra. The ballote of Dioscorides, a stinking plant, prescribed, in obedience to him, against stinking ulcers and the bite of mad dogs.

RED CLOVER Trifolium pratense. ‘The leaves boiled with a little barrowes grease, and used as a pultis, take away hot swellings.’ Gerard

OXLIP Primula elatior  ‘…Commended against the paine of the joints called the Gout.’ Gerard

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